JIRA ATT project: 'Administrators' project role

Hey @dev5, @cintiadr,

I am a bit surprised about how restrictive the ‘Administrators’ project role is, at least for the new ATT project:

A project admin cannot even edit an issue? I mean IMO the project admin should be granted all the privileges, and in particular the ones circled in red.

Even the other project roles permissions look weird, a developer can resolve his/her own issues? Only ‘Users’ can link issues… etc?



I suspect that this permission scheme, that is only shared with 5 projects, must be the wrong one?

Yes that was it. Just fixed it. :smile:

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Nice yes, thanks @dkayiwa!

Just one last thing @dkayiwa, I can’t change the issue type, could you look into that one?

Did you try clicking the “More” button at the top, and then “Move”, etc

Normally this is a sort of clck-and-edit thing, a bit like when you edit the description field for instance.

Ok! Moving would work, but could you add the ‘story’ issue type to the list of possible issue types?

Could you point me to any JIRA project where editing issue type worked like that? Then i can copy its settings. :slight_smile:

It’s like that in our in-house JIRA, it’s also like that in the JIRA for Bahmni. I will try to figure out the key setting and come back to you.