Jira and Confluence backup outage october 15 All day event ( possible nexus)


Scheduled an outage for this Saturday October 15 to finishing doing backups and find solutions for the backups. This might be an all day event. We are doing this backups to make sure we workable backups and fix certain issues that are going on. This might affect nexus since is in the same server.

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Could we have this message highlighted in talk? It will affect many devs.

Is there a possibility of reducing this from being an all day event to just a couple of hours? :smile:

It usually doesn’t take all day but, I mentioned all day in case things come up and we have enough time to fix it. It might be just around 4-6 hours.

Hey guys. I had to expand confluence outage time to 10 PM Eastern Time. I’m having some backup issues and I’m talking with atlassian support. Jira is online and can be used ASAP. I apologize for the extended time. We are trying to make this systems better for the community.

Confluence is back! please ignore the status page with the outage. If something happens to confluence please submit a ticket. Thank you for being patient!

@chagara Thank you so much for spending your Saturday working on this!


@chagara allow me to also extend my gratitude for your having spent a weekend day on this, instead of watching a movie or something else!!!

thank you :slight_smile: this helped a lot since I was able to troubleshoot certain things. This will make migrations easier to do in the future.

thank you!