JIRA and a mistake in choosing the status

Today I came across a page regarding status management in JIRA, and it says: Please do not put the ticket state in “code review (post commit)”. Well I did it. Will there be a good soul that can change its status to “code review (initial)” or “in progress”?


Unfortunately, there is currently no one at IRC who can do this. I would be grateful for any advice or help in correcting this error.

The ticket state changes automatically to “in progress” after claiming it. After sharing the PR its you to request for review by clicking on “code review state”. I have just confirmed all the tickets you have shared you have made pull requests to be reviewed. Kindly be patient once the review is done the state will change basing on the findings. Hope that helps

Of course, it’s a step ahead to solve the problem. These are my first steps with this system, so sorry for the trouble.

Kindly never mention that again! we are here to help each other. Feel free to reach out just in case you are stack.