JIRA Aceess to Create And Assign JIRAs

Hi All,

Is it possible me to grant the JIRA permissions? I have asked through helpdesk but still I can’t login.


I think you should explain the reason why you need the access -to create an issue/to resolve an issue or something like that… did you provide the reason? if so, since it is weekend and people generally don’t work on weekends. :slight_smile:

@shekhar Yes I dropped the mail on Thursday as I remember. Since I didn’t get a reply think of posting here. Basically as a new comer I need to assign a ticket and start progressing on it. :slight_smile:

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I recategorized this thread to the helpdesk category. If people concerned are active they may give you access till then brainstorm on the issue you want to resolve. :slight_smile:

PS: we apologise for such a long process to get the access but we have to do this to reduce the spammers.

Why did you not create a help desk ticket for this, as the message says to do…

@r0bby @prashadi said she created a help desk case first.


Somebody has to monitor the helpdesk…

That said, there’s documentation in the Infrastructure folder in Google Docs how to do this. The current infra team knows this.

This should be taken care of now. Sorry about the delay @prashadi!