JIRA access for a bug report

(Tim van den Akker) #1

Hello, When I was working on a task from GCI I found a bug. I want to report it here but I dont have access to JIRA.

Can I have access to report the bug?

Best regards, Leader

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2

Submit your case to openmrs help desk to be granted permission to access the jira/wiki

(Robby O'Connor) #3

There used to be a very obvious banner that somehow got removed telling people to do this.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #4

Oh yes @r0bby i remember that too! @leader did you see it?

(Robby O'Connor) #5

They seem to have removed it. Not sure why…but also not my problem either.

(Tim van den Akker) #6

Nop Daniel, I didnt see it.

(Robby O'Connor) #7

It seemed to have been removed