Java Spring Bean Question


i’m making a dermatology module using reference app 2.7, and now i need a new html form entry and i wanted to create new custom tags. Do i need to make a new version of htmlformentry or i just need to make a bean entry like this but i need to find the path to this file on other module because that i want to use that class "bean class=“org.openmrs.module.htmlformentry.impl.HtmlFormEntryServiceImpl”

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You can create your own custom tags in another module and register them with HTML Form Entry. You do not do that via Spring though. (I don’t remember the reason; probably just an incorrect choice from 10 years ago.)

The coreapps module has some examples of this. See this part of the activator to see how things are registered.

And here’s more of the implementation and tests, FYI:✓&q=htmlformentry&type=