Invalid Status code=403 text=Forbidden | Running refApp Tests Selenium

Hello Folks, Faced this error: while running the E2E ref2 tests …Don’t know if this incompatible issue is simply because of my machine since chrome driver has no permissions … Running on ubuntu20.04

however found the solution here

And am suggesting adding

chromeOptions.addArguments(“–remote-allow-origins=*”); in the TestBase class

cc @piumal1999 @jayasanka @kdaud @mherman22

Feel free to create a ticket for this with clear descriptions.

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Alright @sharif

Here is the issue [RATEST-347] Allow remote connections to Chrome from any origin | Selenium e2e tests - OpenMRS Issues

The issue is most likely to be caused by the version incompatibility between the downloaded driver and the chrome browser running on the machine.

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