Issues running Reference Application 2.11.0 Standalone

Hi everyone! I am currently trying to replicate the bug for the RESTWS-843 (Issue Navigator - OpenMRS Issues) ticket. I was able to download and unzip the standalone application, and get it to start the application with “java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar.” However, when the application pops up, I cannot launch the browser due to the errors pictured below. Has anyone ran into this issue before/have ideas on how to approach this? Thank you.

Is there any reason why you are not using the reference application 2.12 standalone?

Would downloading 2.12 fix the problem. I am working along with Shannon on this application.

you could simply just run it and get a clear conclusion

Okay so we fixed somethings and we are now able to laugh the browser, but now we get this error:

@loughins and I looked at the openmrs runtime properties file and this is what it looks like currently:

We changed the password originally found the openmrs runtime properties file to ‘YES’, since that is the password that our MySQL user openmrs@localhost uses. Then we tried to change the default MySQL port 3306 to one that matched those of Tomcat, 3316, but every time we did the Tomcat port would change to 3317. Right now this is the state of our machine. Thank you for your help everyone!