Issues in Setting up Bahmni Dev Environment

I am trying to set up my Bahmni Dev Environment. All seems okay with some minor glitch, I hope.

This is how my Bahmni source code folder looks like on my Windows (host)

Then in my VagrantFile I added this line

config.vm.synced_folder "D:/bahmni-code", "/bahmni"

Then there’s also some linking I did as shown below

Now the issues

'1. POST 404 (Not Found)

'2. I am not able to generate Bahmni report, each time I press run it redirect me to the bahmni login page below

Did I follow the correct steps ? Did I miss out anything so the auditlog webservice not found ?

Hi @abiieez

Can you please go to /opt/openmrs/modules in your vagrant and run list all files. Please check if you have the auditlog-1.0-SNAPSHOT.omod listed there. Quick fix can be to deploy audit log omod in the mentioned path or turn off audit logging by following [this]. (

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