Issue with UI of SAD Board in JIRA

The list that is being is shown in the SAD Board Page in JIRA seems to be glitched.

When one is on this page ,when one tries to scroll down the static bar (containing “Backlog”, “Selected for Development” etc), it gets misaligned causing the moving list visible just above it.

@reubenv this is similar to this topic.

Hi @bisht13,

Thanks for pointing out this. I have just checked, and confired I didn’t get that like that :smile: . So I hope, It’s due to the resolutions issues, and browser issues (You can use Ctrl with - to zoom out).

Can you search for Atlassian JIRA in the Google, actually JIRA is not a product of OpenMRS. So we will not put much priority to fix the issues on JIRA. JIRA is a common platform among most of the Open Source Communities :slight_smile: