Issue running my local instance of add-on manager

Hello guys, So I am running into this error every time I try to run my local instance of the add-on manager.I have tried restarting the server and the machine a couple number of times but still no change.I had to even run referenceapplication-standalone-2.7.0 to see if that could make a difference.

Below I have attached the screenshot of the page that is displayed when running the add-on manager.I need your help on this. Thanks @dkayiwa @malmike @justmesam @patrick @elbertbiggs360 @ebuka @afrocode @mkiterian

Maybe you can show a stack trace? That page alone is not very helpful. What were you doing before you started experiencing that error and what are the details of the error.

What is the link on the browser

@ivange94 So, shortly before I got the error I was trying to test out the piece of code I had written. This is the error I get on the console

Also, this is the link on the browser http://localhost:3000/openmrs-standalone/owa/openmrs-addonmanager/index.html

I just deployed the addon manager for the first time and it works.

But I didn’t use the standalone of openmrs. Is it safe to assume that you are following the instructions here Which means you are probably running a standalone server.

I think your owa is not in the location where it’s supposed to be hence the owa module cannot pic it up. Can you please verify if you see the addon manager app on this page?

I will also love to see your versions of config.json and webpack.config.js

@ivange94 I have seen my mistake. My owa was not in the location where it’s supposed to be hence the owa module could not pick it up.Thanks for making me see this.

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I’m glad I was able to help :slight_smile:

However, when I deply the addon manager, this is what I get in the console even though it is working fine @ivange94

@ivange94 I got a breakthrough for my blocker.Thanks

@annette it is always great to share what you exactly did to break through. These threads are searched by people who find themselves with the same problems.

@dkayiwa The issue raised was solved by the putting the OWA in the location it is supoosed to be as indicated in the thread above. However, the second error that I raised was a result of an api call that is being made to the addon index.