isantePlus Error for no controller/fragment found for fingerprintm2sys

Error for no controller/fragment found for fingerprintm2sys after upload isanteplus omod in openmrs , after that if we click on register patient, we face error for no view or controller for fragment field/fingerprintm2sys.

Can Anyone , please help.

Are you running the entire isanteplus Distribution ??

try to checkout the entire isanteplus package from

Thanks for taking time, now isanteplus’s register patient is opening fine.Can you help me regarding labonfhir module.If we are cloning and building this module from link openmrs-module-isanteplus-labonfhir github , it is giving compilation error as[16,53] cannot find symbol [ERROR] symbol: class AbstractReferenceHandlingTranslator

can you paste the full error logs in pastebin??

Sure, I have been pasted full logs in pastebin

Hi @nehat1009 - glad to help you out. Would you like to connect with the team that is managing that code to get some answers?

Sure, can you tell me , to which team I should connect.