Is there a way to check running modules ?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a way to check for presence of reference application module. @raff suggested here to expose a new REST resource in webservices-rest, which returns running modules.

But maybe there is a another/better way to support that ?


Personally, I’d love something like a /systeminfo resource that could give us the version of core, the modules, the host operating system, as well as Tomcat memory allocation, etc.

Disclaimer: Some of this info might already be available and I just don’t know about it.


I’ve created an issue here

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I have some security concerns about this – we shouldn’t unauthenticated access to system info and running versions of things, but I assume you would want to be able to “check if reference application is running” even before being authenticated.

I suggest two things:

  1. There should be a /module REST resource that lets you list all modules, delete modules, add a new one, etc. (This should be protected by the relevant permissions, e.g. you should need to be an admin of some sort to start/stop/delete a module, but just be authenticated to list them.)
  2. Add support in the manifest.webapp file (as activities.openmrs.systeminfo) so the framework will inject this when serving up the manifest file

#2 would allow your OWA to know if the reference application is running at any point, regardless of logged-in status.