Is the sales (quotation) orderline limited to 6 Item lines


I have created a patient visit yesterday for 18th Mar and doctor consultation was completed. I considered that doctor suggested 2 medicines and 1 lab test. system automatically created sales order on 18th March with these 3 line items. I added one more line item manually with consultation fee and saved it. As I did not have inventory I did not confirm the sales quotation yesterday. today I wanted to create onhand stock. Instead today, i.e,19th March, I created another visit for the same patient. and this time doctor suggested again 1 test and 2 medicines. i.e, total 3 line items. today, the system as updated the same sales order line with the new items prescribed today. However instead of taking three line items, it took only 2 line items. One medicine it missed out. The medicine that did not showup was Clobetasone 15g. Is the sales orderline limited to 6 items only?