Is the Bahmni IRC channel still open?

There is nobody in there. Specifically, I cannot find the nick bahmni-slack-bot as mentioned in

Is the IRC channel still being actively used?

It should be. But the bot has the tenacity of going down every now and then! Will check if it is up and running.

I was told a while ago that discussions should happen in the #openmrs and not anymore in the #bahmni. Still true?

I think we will have to figure out what discussions happen where. Its probably better to consolidate. But I can well imagine #openmrs to get crowded and flooded and causing confusion. We should figure out how to distinguish between OpenMRS platform and Bahmni product. (like we have in talk)

  1. We use OpenMRS talk channel (Software | Bahmni) for discussions that last longer and for overall community engagements. e.g. feature discussions/requests, troubleshooting, tech discussions etc etc
  2. Slack - we have found this to be really useful to have on-the-spot tactical discussions, that does not need to crowd the regular communication channels. Its also a great medium for communication and have multiple interfaces - online, mobile etc.
  3. IRC - which interfaces with slack through a bot. Many devs prefer this than talk or slack. I am more than happy to bring down the bot, which requires one from us to baby-sit.

Its better to let the community decide. We should have IRC supported till such decisions are communicated and agreed.

@vinay: its up and running! apparently someone pulled down the power cable from the laptop! (surely can’t gaurantee such failures ever)

We use Slack already, it would be convenient enough for us to join another organisation on Slack, what’s the way to be granted access? What’s the organisation name? from Slack, you should be able to join another team

btw, I am big fan of gitter - free without limits, archivable, searchable. But it requires github account and hence might not be ammenable for non-developers.

I can’t sign:

If you have an email address, you can create an account.

I suspect that the administrator will have to invite me first.

Sounds like a great option for developers indeed, but we need our clients to join us on Slack.

@angshuonline It works, thanks.