Is MySQL Community server suitable for OpenMRS Enterprise solution installation?


I am working on a project with a NGO in India. Our NGO is in Social Healthcare services. It collaborates with multiple government and foreign agencies to provide and monitor the healthcare services in India. In order to perform our tasks better we need a software which would help us track the patient’s progress on a disease. We have zoomed in on OpenMRS for it. Our requirement are

  • to create few custom forms to track the patient’s details - biographiocal, health history, etc.
  • enable security profiles on these forms in order to limit the amount of data one can see.
  • analyze the data and create reports.

There would be 4 users of different security to share and analyze the data. I have so far figured out that we need client-server environment and OpenMRS standalone version may not suit us. So we have turned our attention to OpenMRS Enterprise Solution. The prerequisites for this solution are Apache TomCat and MySQL. While Apache TomCat is freely available, procuring MySQL may involve license cost. Then I saw that MySQL Community Server is offered free. Can you confirm if OpenMRS Enterprise solution will work well with MySQL Community server?

Yes, it’s what we recommend.