Is it possible to make available ordered drug in orders module ?


Can we make available the ordered drugs which resides in medication tab to Order module ? And if yes , i would like to know how can we setup order fulfillment for drugs. i need the ordered drugs to be shown in it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @rajeebrasak, Ordering Drugs includes mentioning the drug units, frequency, duration etc. These instructions are very important. Hence i think orders tab is not appropriate for ordering drugs. Nevertheless, please refer to Bahmni WIKI for Orders Tab, Orders Module with Fulfilment configuration.

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@swathivarkala I think the question @rajeebrasak is asking is whether we can fulfil Medication orders using the Order fulfilment module. The order would still be placed using the Medications Tab.

@rajeebrasak Please correct me if I am wrong. Also please share the use case you are trying to solve by using the Orders app for medication orders. It will be useful to suggest other alternatives.


@sruti You are Correct. That is exactly what i mean.

When we placing a drug order from medication tab, it will go to openERP part as per default function ality of bahmni. We can manage that drug order from there.

The thing is i dont want to use openERP anymore as part of this project. So the order should be maintained from orders app.

Now the use case is :

for eg: If the order placed ( by using drug order form of medication tab ) as “Paracetamol 500 mg” for 2 days at frequency “twice a day”, and at OpenERP’s Sales->Quotations it will show a total quantity as 2000mg

Now i want to see that order in my order fulfillment form and should be able to do its fulfilment as paracetamol 500 x twice a day x 2days=2000mg.

is it possible ??

Hi @rajeebrasak

We haven’t tried using the Orders app for dispensing medicines. What we have tried doing is creating a Pharmacy module on the Home Page that will take the user directly to the medications Tab. Here are some wiki links to help you explore this option:

  1. Configuring Dispense Feature
  2. Using Pharmacy Module
  3. Configuring the Pharmacy Module

Please note some limitations of this approach though : Users will see the link to the Patient Dashboard when accessing the Medication tab and apart from dispensing they will also be able to Edit/add new medications. We still need to do some work in Bahmni on differentiating these privileges.

I have personally heard of this requirement from 2 other implementations on Pharmacists wanting to dispense medications in the EMR, but outside of the clinical module. This is because not all implementations would use ERP for this purpose. Also the original purpose of dispense in the Medications Tabs of the clinical module was meant only for doctors and not for Pharmacists. So we either have a separate privilege meant only for dispense or we have the ability of dispensing medications totally independent of the clinical module.

Is this something we should look at for 0.93? @angshuonline @swathivarkala @binduak

FYI @ramses

I would also add that I think Partners In Health is implementing something similar for lab orders in the OpenMRS reference application (not Bahmni), to be built as an external OWA. I understand they have (or soon will) add support to recording this data in the OpenMRS data model as well.

(@ddesimone, @mogoodrich, anything you can share about this tool you’re building, and whether it might also be applicable to marking meds dispensed within Bahmni?)