is it possible to generate an OpenMRS ID automatically via API?

Reference Aplication 2.10 Attachments Module: 2.5

Hello again, a very happy new year to this great community.

I am finishing the implementation of an API that connects OpenMRS with other software, I have found the problem that to create a patient I have not been able to generate the ID of this patient with the default type of identifier, the OpenMRS ID with check digit.

Is there any way to generate it automatically?

Try something like this:

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Thanks as always for your great help, it is possible to make the identifierValue automatic?

What is your exact use case?

I would like to work on un assigned project

I need to create a patient everytime they fill an online form.

I can create the patient over API, but the API needs the identifierValue with the default OpenMRS ID with check digit.

I thought that when creating a patient through the API, OpenMRS would assign an OpenMRS ID, but this is not the case :S

Kindly the tickets to be worked on are on this link. Is there a problem you are facing in particular?

The OpenMRS REST API does not automatically assign patient identifiers.