Is it mandatory to have the RAM size as 8GB?

Hi All,

I have installed all the required softwares for Bahmni in windows 7.

Whenever I ran the ‘vagrant up’ command first time it has successfully downloaded the box. After that My PC got hanged. I have restarted my pc and again I ran the Vagrant up command but again same issue(PC is getting hanged).

My guess is, this issue is because of 4GB RAM size, Can u please let me know is it mandatory to have RAM size as 8GB for Bahmni to work?.

Regards, Govind

On your Windows machine, if you are using Vagrant and trying Bahmni out for evaluation purpose, then 4GB may suffice, but that depends on what other processes are running on your machine. By default the Vagrantfile tries to take up 3GB space. You can edit the entry in “Vagrantfile”.

But ideally 8GB is better…