Is EMR-API ready for release before RefApp 2.4?

Is EMR-API ready for release? It’s due for the 2.4 ref app release. I think it is ready for release but wanted to check with others, as I noted in the 2.4 release notes.

@vinay is asking for a release prior to the integration of emrapi and ordersets. Can anyone take care of doing the release? @darius @wyclif @dkayiwa @raff

With no replies, can I assume emrapi is ready for release? I had confirmed with @darius offline about this. He is travelling. @shruthidipali used to help us with the release, but she has moved out of Bahmni. I used to release emrapi before, but have not be able to since we moved releases to Bamboo.

@vinay, go ahead and email OpenMRS helpdesk to ask for access to the CI server.

Alternately, @mogoodrich, if you want to check the status of things, and click the release button, feel free. :slight_smile:

Thanks @darius . I have raised a request two days ago, still waiting for a response.

@vinay I can hit the release button for you if it helps. :smile:

@dkayiwa Yes, it does help. Thank You. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ve pressed the release button in Bamboo.

Thanks @dkayiwa! Just to verify, Daniel just pressed the release button in CI, but @vinay is still going to do the bookkeeping in JIRA (e.g. make sure all tickets are closed, and the version is released). Right?

@darius that is correct!

Thanks @dkayiwa. I will take care of the jirawork.

EMR API - Version 1.13 has been released.

Release Notes


New Feature

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When I download EMR API - Version 1.13 from i get a file called emrapi-omod-1.13.omod.jar shouldn’t the file ending just be *.omod?

You are correct. It should be emrapi-1.13.omod Most likely the one who uploaded it did not see the comment on this page:

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It looks like we made a mistake and missed a step in the upload. (Also, apparently there’s a bug in the module repository code, because this should be prevented.)

You should just be able to rename the downloaded file from emrapi-omod-1.13.omod.jar to instead be emrapi-1.13.omod.

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