Invitation to collaborate developing and implementing OpenMRS for Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

IntelliSOFT Consulting Limited is implementing OpenMRS to support two NCD programs in Kenya. One program is specifically focused on service delivery for hypertension and diabetes for low income incomers. By the end of this year, the system will be running at 45 public health facilities in Nairobi County. The other is a wellness program where the main intervention is mainly around evidence based comprehensive weight control and management.

This is a call to collaborate with anyone either using or intending to use OpenMRS to support healthcare services in the NCD world. If interested, please let me know and we will share more information about our work, these projects, etc.

Thank you.


@wanyee, at PIH we are supporting NCD care in several of our implementations and are actively working to expand these capabilities, enhance their use at the point of care, and expand the implementation to additional countries and facilities. We would be very interested in sharing our work and learning more about your plans and opportunities for collaboration.

@mseaton, thank you for responding and interest to explore collaboration. I have copied my colleagues @ningosi and @christine to share information about the two NCD implementations we are working on including the demo servers.


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Hi Mike,

The Diabetic and Hypertension project require to use an innovative technology to build the capacity of healthcare workers to adhere to clinical guidelines in the management of hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus (DM). The system provides a platform to easily digitize data leading to improved NCD health information in 45 health facilities in four sub-counties of Nairobi County and have the following functionalities; some already built/or in progress: Capturing patient care data for diabetes Type I, diabetes Type II, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes and Hypertension in accordance to the national guidelines for clinical adherence, Integration with existing e-Health tools such as DHIS2 (API Provision), Security enforcement using industry standard security and encryption methods, Follow-up visits that contain intelligent recalls and follow-ups that auto-creates appointments in the calendar, Patient notification/communication via SMS, Management of inventory and pharmacy data, Clinical decision support and Reporting & Analytics(monthly/weekly/yearly). Please find the demo server here username/password(admin/Admin123), this project is done on reffApp.

The wellness project rides on the work we did for KenyaEMR, which aims to improve Customer Relation Management (CRM) and support The Wellness Partners and Management deliver on their core business. The project is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life, the aim here is to loss weight given a program a client is on to avert contracting life style illness, is like being free from illnesses. Key features include registration of new clients and leads with all required demographic information, appointment and confirmation and rescheduling per the partner and program type, capturing of vitals and feedback, automatic nutrition program generation from a set of rules, integration with the laboratory to automatically transmit results, generation of reports and clinical decision support among others. The demo server is located here

NB: All the projects ride on OpenMRS platform. Please if you have an advice share with me. I am looking forward for a collaboration on this from from intelliSOFT .

cc @wanyee @christine

Dear all,

IntellISOFT is planning for an extended and deep dive into digital health (wit specific reference to OpenMRS) and NCDs on Wednesday 5th Dec 2018 during the HELINA and OpenMRS meetings in Nairobi. We moved ahead to secure a large meeting room exclusive for this topic. We have invited not just digital health people but healthcare service providers, policy makers, etc. We would like to extend this invitation and ask that you send us your specific interest so that we can ensure those are accommodated in the planning process. In other words, what do you want to get out of that meeting? Is there anything you want to share and this need time to present?

We are looking forward to sharing the experiences on Digital health in enhancing Health Service Delivery for NCD! Don’t miss our session, we would love your input.Nairobi County NCD EMS Flyer.pdf (1.9 MB)

Thank you @sgathu, this looks very interesting. I was hoping to check out the demo, but it appears to require a security stamp beyond the demo credentials provided. Is this available by any chance?

@mseaton es, the system requires a security stamp which is the math equation you need to solve immediately after you enter the password. I’ve put a screenshot, hope it helps

I think part of NCD management lies in the reminder system for periodic checkups and validation system for laboratory test results. :slight_smile:

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