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Hello I am Rishabh From India. I am new to open source. But I like to contribute Projects available open. I am 2nd year IT student and I have experience in Java, Maven, HTML, CSS, Python(Basic). I am very excited to participate this year in GSOC

Welcome @rishabhdixit1 to OpenMRS community and it’s great to see you interested in GSoC.

Did you get a chance to look at? Interested Contributors, Get Ready for GSoC 2023 and the Summer of Code 2023 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

Thanks You @kdaud ! I already read all these topics thanks to providing this useful guide I am active OPEN MRS community since a month ago! I really Liked this organization because Its Title attracted me the “Write code, Save Lives”. And the Technologies are mentioned for contributing are same as I know. I am sure I will be there for contributing this year.

@rishabhdixit1 you may need to consider picking up a project idea that interests you and discussing your ideas with the community.

We are now in the period where the GSoC potential contributors are discussing project ideas and I like the detailed explanation by @jayasanka expanding more of what happens within this period,

Ok now I will go through the projects and I will share My work to do!

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Hello everyone. I’m Vahid Hussain from India and I’m a web developer specializing in JS, React, HTML and CSS. I’m fairly new to open source contributions but eager to learn.

Excited to be a part of GSOC and open source contribution this year!


Welcome Vahid! You can discuss your project Ideas to the community And go through Interested Contributer guide

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