Introducing Face Recognition to "Patient Search Criteria Project".

Hello everyone, I want to improve the “Patient Search Criteria Project” as part of gsoc by adding additional search criteria like Facial Recognition, Neighborhood, previous diagnosis.I would like to know if there is a possibility of adding them now. Thanks @k.joseph for guiding me.


wow, are u able to write the specification document and probably a design of what you intend to do so we can evaluate if it fits in the GSoC timeframe considering the fact that not many #implementing partners are tracking down patient’s images in a meantime as our implementers and users evaluates the relevance of this feature ATM.

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looks like people have already done some investigations on face recognition. could u also evaluate some of what they have such as;, and probably lookup others on Google. Then compare how part of what others have relates to Patient Search Criteria and if they are integrable if you weren’t planning to write this yourself

thanks @k.joseph . I am working on that

face recognition.docx (392.5 KB)

@k.joseph sir,I have gathered some information regarding face recognition and figured out this might be the best possible way.I’m still working on how to integrate this with java. Your resources are very useful Thank you Sir.

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u can add that as extra credit to your GSoC proposal, try to have your proposal more detailed primarily on the primary objectives and then have a detailed approach as u have tried to build for this feature.

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Ok sir will do that

proposal.docx (17.3 KB) @k.joseph Sir, I still have some ambiguity regarding the implementation part, but I’m working on it. I’m willing to learn new technologies in order to give a quality product.Thank you.