Introducing Erica Kigotho, our new OpenMRS Program Officer!

Dear Community,

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to @erica, OpenMRS’ new Program Officer!

Our community continues to grow at an incredible pace: More fellowships to help expand our talent pipeline. More virtual events, meetings, and hackathons. More awards to help us support more and more individuals and organizations who want to build the OpenMRS of tomorrow together. @erica will be joining myself, @christine, and @nikeshbalami as we respond to our community engagement priorities, with a special focus on program/grant management, operations, and community management support.

Want to know more about @erica? Read on!

Erica Kigotho is passionate about effective and efficient service delivery. Her mission is to help people and organizations move to the next level with regards to their goals.

A Masters holder in Epidemiology and Disease Control, Erica has over seventeen years vast working experience in implementation of medical record systems in resource-constrained areas, promotion of data use for decision-making and capacity building. Moreover, she is keen on project administration and human resource management. Erica has led the implementation of the medical record system within the AMPATH Program in over forty government facilities with over a thousand care givers. She has also been appointed to various teams involved in developing and enforcing policies geared towards use of data for evidence-based decision making and planning.

Whenever she can, Erica will listen to and dance along her favourite tunes as she cooks her heart out for her loved ones.


@erica Glad to have you in the community. karibu sana!

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Thank you very much @jwnasambu :smiley: (Asante sana)

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Welcome to the community, @erica ! :hugs:

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Nice… Thank you very much @jayasanka :hugs:

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Welcome @erica to the team.

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Wow! Truly awesome news! I wish everyone could meet @erica in person. She’s a fountain of joy!

Welcome @erica!!! So excited to see you engaged in the OpenMRS Community! :man_dancing:


Thank you sana @christine :smiley:

Now I blush :blush: Bless your heart @burke You are too kind! Thank you @burke :hugs:

congratulations @erica and you are welcome

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Thank you very much @taremwatadeo :smiley:

Welcome @erica !! Excited to work together with you.

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How lovely @suruchi . Thank you :smiley:. Looking forward to working with you.

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Welcome @erica !! Looking forward to working with you.

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Thank you very much @nikeshbalami :smiley:

Great to have you @erica, and we look forward to having an awesome experience with you!!! I also like the fact that you are a woman, as this helps us improve our diversity. :hugs:

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Haha… Cheers!! @dkayiwa. Awesome is a good target :smiley: Thank you very much :hugs:

Welcome @erica. I am excited to see you here to continue the good work that you have been doing. :hugs:

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Wow :smiley: Thank you very much @eachillah Cheers mate :hugs:

@erica Welcome to the community, I have worked with you at @AMPATH, you will be a great asset here!

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