Introducing Bahmni HL7 LIS Integration (with Senaite LIMS)

To be 100% clear, you use this email trick as a way to publish events out of SENAITE?


If so, I’m assuming that there wasn’t a better way to do that?

Well, there is a better way to do it (imho): Developing an add-on for Senaite/Plone, that deals with the communication. In a perfect world, we have one HL7 FHIR add-on, one HL7 v2 addon, etc. …

There we just configure the HIS we are communicating with. Even if this add-on just does an “internal polling” it would be quite clean.

Yes yes of course, agreed. Yes my question was in the realm of what SENAITE and its ecosystem provide “as is” and as of now.

Maybe we could collaborate on this together? Probably something to discuss on their platform rather than here :slight_smile:

Yes. But I think it is also of interest for the Bahmni community. Having their own fork of OpenELIS for sure consumed a lot of time, looking at the number of commits. Just taking an LIS as-is and only investing in integration might save a lot of time and maintenance effort.

Anyway, it would be good to further discuss in the SENAITE community.

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Sure. and that has been philosophy of Bahmni not to reinvent the wheel. You would see the same in our integration with ERP, PACS.

When we started on Lab, OpenELIS was dormant and BIKA not in vogue and we had no option but to fork ELIS (actually from their SVN repo). We would love to be in the situation where all enhancements. go to ELIS, but ELIS has since come back to life, and had change of codebase, and Bahmni had already fixed and enhanced a lot. We are still considering moving to either ELIS2.0 or SENAITE.

We are glad that you want to contribute back and would love to discuss on collaboration. (Some do not even wish so). Please try to attend this week’s PAT call … 1 pm UTC, Wednesday.

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Sorry I thought the PAT call is biweekly. I can confirm our availability for the call on 11th of August.

I did not mean to leave the impression, that any bad design decisions were made on OpenELIS. The integration works with a level of proficiency no other open source HIS project could offer. The “lis integration” sure needs thorough evaluation at this stage.

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The PAT call recording where this was demo’ed can be accessed here:

(Reference Material Section has the video link).

I would like to see the demo but don’t want to register with thoughtworks zoom. Can it be posted elsewhere? Also, how are the concepts being synched between systems? Are custom IDs used, or are there LOINC codes, etc.? Is CIEL being used? Thanks!

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@akanter you dont need to register on zoom. its an open call. I am not sure if the recording needs specific access.

Between MRS and ELIS, all concepts are synced - there is a mapping kept with external uuid (openmrs concept uuid) in ELIS. Changing to LOINC should be simple enough. @bgevam do you use LOINC or any other code system for mapping?

We use LOINC, but no sync yet. @johnny94 any comments?

@bgevam I can confirm that, that we use LOINC. Currently the data is not synced between the systems they are set up to correspond with the initial master data.

Is there any way to share the recording?

@akanter: The video link is here (bottom of page):

I don’t know if it is just me, but has anyone seen this video? Not only did it require me to create a zoom account with Touchworks, it required validation with DOB and I still didn’t get to see it. I suggest that you put the video somewhere more easily viewable. At this point, I’m giving up :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know. i had assumed that clicking on the link would make it available with password (no zoom account needed). But seems that isn’t the case. Will share a better public URL soon! Apologies for the inconvenience caused @akanter.

Hello @akanter, Angshu has now put the video link on youtube here:


How do you retrieve the HL7 code message from openmrs to send to Mirth Connect.

I wonder if the project would be completed and at what stage?


Hi @ersan

This is the project page on Wiki: Integration with SENAITE (BikaLIMS) - Bahmni Wiki - Confluence

The Bahmni team is keen to integrate out-of-the-box, SenaiteLIMS/BikaLIMS with Bahmni, but hasn’t yet gotten around to prioritising it. Will update this thread the moment there is any movement on this initiative. There are definitely quite a few adopters keen on taking this forward, but need momentum/investment for this to happen.

Currently we are working on upgrading to Odoo16.

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Probably Odoo 17 now :slight_smile: