Interesting example of an OpenMRS Implementation

I came across this article this morning, thought it was an interesting example of how people are using OpenMRS:

What impresses me is that process by which Biocon is implementing its Oral Cancer Screening programme. One, the company conducted baseline surveys through technology to identify targets. It collected population demographics, which helped ascertain the high risk group. Two, the community health workers were trained to capture data and counsel individuals. They approached high-risk groups, filling information through touchscreen mobile phones while capturing lesion pictures. Three, the collected information that is uploaded to Open MRS on the Biocon Foundation server can be viewed by specialists in remote locations to ascertain the diagnosis; community health workers communicate the diagnosis to the patient. Patients with mild and moderate lesions are provided Vitamin A ointments while those undergoing screening are educated on risk mitigation. Four, patients requiring additional care (secondary and tertiary) are referred to appropriate urban centres. It would appear that Biocon’s intervention is complex enough to deter other companies from entering the space. The reality is the opposite.