Interest in a nutrition module?

Some community members have been discussing the possibility of a nutrition module for use with OpenMRS. Ellen Ball and PIH have developed this problem statement; we have established a new nutrition folder that also includes some previous brainstorming on this topic as well as reference to previous growth chart work.

our hope is to identify people that may want to participate in developing the requirements for this proposed module. As you will see, there are some ideas contained within the problem statement document. If you are interested in participating in this process, please let @ball or @terry know. We will also be reaching out to other organizations to see if they would like to help inform this process.

thanks in advance for your interest and feedback. Please feel free to post on this talk site also! terry

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To highlight…we’re trying a new approach with this nutrition project. We’re having the OpenMRS Community partner with implementations to go through the whole software development lifecycle of a new OpenMRS feature, in a deliberate way.

As @terry says, we are starting with requirements-gathering stage (and we’re looking for more implementers to inform those requirements!) before moving on towards the design and development phases.

I’m excited to see this play out, and I hope that if your implementation has a nutrition focus, then you will join us in this process.

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We are going to have a call today about where we are and the work that needs to be done to try to jump start the requirements for this module. Please feel free to join. Terry

Subject: OpenMRS Malnutrition When: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Eastern Where: +1-888-510-4073 or

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We are going to start meeting every two weeks; please feel free to join us. We will post the calls to the OpenMRS calendar; the next call will be March 30 at 1 PM eastern. Notes from the call ( as well as other artifacts that we are gathering) are at the link in the first post. Please feel free to post here and/ or comment if you cant join the call. Thanks. @terry


The OpenMRS community is interested in creating a module in OpenMRS that can be used to measure and track undernutrition in children. Our hope is to identify the appropriate data fields as well as develop process flow diagrams that support the clinical area of undernutrition

One of our goals is to develop a universal spreadsheet of information relating to undernutrition in children under five years of age in low- and middle-income countries.The data field spreadsheet is designed to identify clinical, biological, and social/behavioral determinants of undernutrition. Additionally, treatments, relevant demographics, and other sections are available to ensure the completeness of future nutrition projects. A literature search was conducted to determine which entries are relevant to undernutrition in hospital settings or in under-resourced areas. We have ranked each entry as high, medium, or low, based on need for implementation in a nutrition program or module. Criteria for this ranking are available in spreadsheet, and comments on these rankings are especially welcome.

The spreadsheet is being shared for you to make improvements in its content, layout, and design. In particular, we would welcome suggestions for new measurements to collect that will help to determine undernutrition in young children. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment on the spreadsheet; if your comment is long or not specific to a single cell or section, this document is also available for suggestions to be made.

Please share and comment to help our project and future nutrition projects become a reality! Thank you very much!


I want to thank everyone who has been helping us collect these undernutrition requirements. Please feel free to comment. If you have additional forms that you are using at your facility that would be of benefit to this work, please let @terry know. Thanks in advance for your help with this work! terry, Joe and Aaron