Intensive Care Module for OpenMRS

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.4

Question: I’m looking for a module to implement an Intensive Care Unit. Inpatient Care Module seems to be close to what I’m looking for, but the download link in the wiki is broken, and in the Add Ons page, the module is listed as inactive, so I’m not sure if I should try it. So, is there any other module or way to have an Intensive Care Unit in OpenMRS?

Thanks in advance

Javier, can you provide more information about where you would like to use this? Is it COVID-19 related? etc.?

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Yes, we want to make a module which might help track COVID-19 inside a hospital as a University project. I am making a simulation of a hospital where we will try it. To do this, I am using MIMIC Critical Care Database to populate this simulation.