Integrating O3 with a platform that is mostly offline

I work for a company that primarily works in very remote areas with little to no infrastructures in place so most of the time devices won’t be connected to the Internet.

We have microservers installed in these locations where tablets connect to but is mostly offline. We’re looking to integrate the O3 Frontend to these microservers so that the tablets can be used by the health professionals to access and use O3 at work.

Any ideas on first steps? What should I look at first? Is it feasible?

@pgregorio you can’t quite use the O3 Frontend in isolation (at leat just yet). You would basically have to use your microserver as a hardware host for all needed Docker containers to run O3 (Nginx + frontend + backend + etc), and then voilà, you could access O3 from your tablets and go offline from the microserver by using OpenMRS Offline.

Drifting off topic but we (Mekom) would be happy to partner with you in running a whole stack like Ozone on your microserver (as an additional option to what we have been doing until now with our Ozone Portable) - please reach out in private if this is professional work that you’d be interested to discuss and undertake with @MekomSolutions.