Integrate OpenELIS and Odoo with Bahmni

What are the steps to integrate OpenMRS with Odoo and OpenELIS? I have installed Bahmni on Docker - and once I raise a Lab Order in OpenMRS, I need to carry out the rest of the workflow in OpenELIS. But for that I need to ensure OpenELIS is integrated with OpenMRS/Bahmni. Can someone tell me how I can integrate OpenELIS as well as Odoo with my Bahmni installation? Looping my colleague @rashmibala

If you run Bahmni STANDARD in Docker, and bring up all services (profile: “bahmni-standard”), then patient data created on OpenMRS will automatically flow into OpenELIS and Odoo (uses AtomFeed behind the scenes for this to happen).

To understand more, watch this training (ATOM Feed parts only):