Installing Tomcat as a service

Hello, I have successfully implemented the reference application but want to install tomcat as a service so any user who start up the PC can use the application directly. i am using xampp and Apache and mysql can be started as a service from the xampp control panel but tomcat cannot. i read on the internet some information and installed java jdk instead of jre and set the java home for that. i was able to start tomcat as a service but now openmrs did not recognize that it was installed and started the setup process again, i went through the setup process again but now it will just give an error and it did mention that it cant find the run-time properties and some problems about the database. Thankfully I was able to revert back and make it work again. any ideas?

youll have clear up all the previously cached files for openmrs and start afresh

Thank you! I just went and removed xampp and installed tomcat and mysql and evertything is working fine now. I alsoo I figured out the source of allot of confusion I was facing. if you use xampp and use java jre then it will store the openmrs files in the users\user\appdata\openmrs path but if you use java jdk it will store the openmrs files in windows\system32\config\systemprofile\application data\openmrs. this is why i was copying the files in the first path when using jdk but it always tells me that there is no modules installed and that was confusing me! I suggest someone updates the wiki in the installation guide for implementers and explain this so people don’t face such problems and have an easier time installing openmrs.

But if you just install tomcat and mysql then the openmrs files will be stored in windows\system32\config\systemprofile\application data\openmrs even if using java jre.

cc @jwnasambu have you seen this??