Installing SSL Certificate in a Vagrant Configuration

I have been following these instructions to install an ssl certificate in a Bahmni implementation (EMR only) in a vagrant box on a windows server host.

I followed the droplet path and created a domain which seems to work fine. I followed the instructions to transfer the letsencrypt folder to the Vagrant box on my LAN and to modify the ssl.cnf.

I have modified the hosts file on my windows clients to route the domain to the fixed ip of the server suffixed with the port number than maps to the 443 port in the vagrant box, but simply the behaviour is just as though nothing has changed.Chrome tells me the connection is not private and I must proceed through the advance settings to access an “unsafe” address.

Could anyone suggest what I have done wrong or omitted or suggest a diagnostic that might shed light?

Are you able to complete this ? I am trying to change ssl in order to see the xrays and is not happening. IF you have got the solution let me know.

hello can anyone guide me configuring ssl certificate in bahmni in vagrant on windows server. I followed he steps mentioned here. But i dont see any live folder under /etc/letsencrypt/live