Installing OpenMrs in a Medical Clinic

Hello I have a friend of mine who wishes to have a medical records system and am trying to convince him to install OpenMRS. He requested for a standard documentation of OpenMRS and what he should have in place for the system to operate. I am seeking your guidance on this because if he’s convinced then I am the one to install the system. Regards

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Hi @mahaja openmrs has various distributions (ready to use implementations) have you seen this 1: and may be this 2:

But option two would require him to manually install among other tools Tomcat server,mysql RDBMS ,and Java Run time Environment.Plus setting alot of reutime properties which is rather tedious

so the win would be option 1 because it would save you alot of things…There is more this is not the limit ,if you’re the system Admin you can download reference Application from the download site and set up the environment as per the documentations

So let him make this choice he will not regret wide support community and the like thankx