Installing Openmrs error

Hallo guys i was installing the OpenMrs system o my machine and my computer abruptly switched off. Am trying the process again and this error is coming up @odorajonathan @jwnasambu @herbert24 @dkayiwa

Oh sorry @suubi7 ! the command is mvn openmrs-sdk:run

yes image

even when i try running the command mvn

you are using a wrong command,its openmrs not openrs

ohhh got you

The cause is what you see on the second line of your log Invalid maximum heap size: .... Change the xmx parameter value to something like 512 or lower.

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Ohh okay let me try that

Guys i fixed the error OpenMrs is fully running on my machine thanks guys

well done @suubi7 :+1:

could you also document here how you arrived at the fix for future reference to another colleague who might land into the same error


  1. Go to Edit the system Environment variables for Windows 10 search for it in the task bar search engine
  2. When the window opens select environment variables
  3. In the **User variables section ** select New
  4. For variable name insert MAVEN_OPTS then for then for Variable Value insert -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m for windows
  5. Then rerun this command in command prompt cd basicexample

mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=your_server_id

The error should go away now

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