Installing Error Bahmni v0.86 on CentOS Virtual Box with mysql InnoDB

Hello, I’m trying to install Bahmni on my local CentOS Virtual Box following the setup described in I saw mysqld service wasn’t able to start (please see the attached screen shot)

because InnoDB setting (innodb_buffer_pool_size) is not in the /etc/my.cnf file. (please see the attached screen shot). I tried to update /etc/my.cnf, but Bahmni is always updating the file and lost my update.

Can you please kindly advise how to resolve this issue? I’d love to able to install and see the Bahmni product?

Best Regards, Chris Thant

Are you installing Bahmni on a blank Centos VM? Did you try completely uninstalling MySQL and installing again?

If you really want to change my.cnf file, you can edit /opt/bahmni-installer/bahmni-playbooks/templates/my.cnf.j2. This the template using which Ansible creates the /etc/my.cnf file.

Please let us know if adding innodb_buffer_pool_size solved your issue.