install sequence and worklist questions

By reading the Install Guide, I have two questions:

  1. should I install OpenMRS before I install the Radiology Module?
  2. from the words and diagram I can see the Modality get the Worklist from dcm4chee but not the OpenMRS/Radiology Module. That worklist generation function is built in dcm4chee or is added by this Radiology Module project?



Hi @peterb

  1. yes OpenMRS needs to be installed before the radiology module, since like every OpenMRS module it needs OpenMRS.
  2. yes the modality gets the worklist from dcm4chee and not the radiology module.

However, currently the radiology module does not send an HL7 order message to dcm4chee to create the order in its worklist. This feature was not well implemented and just hampering ongoing development, so it had to be removed. More work needs to go into the radiology module (orders, imaging procedures, reporting and hl7) before bringing that feature back.

What is your background? We can definitely use some help not only in development but also very much in the design/establishment of the requirements/user stories.

Hope I could help!