Increase instances of task

Please increase the instances for the task blog on basic concepts of spring MVC in OpenMRS

Hi Nayan, GCI is almost coming to an end. I don’t think the mentors will increase instances of any tasks at this point of time. Nonetheless, you have many other tasks to choose from :slight_smile:
Anyways, let’s wait for a mentor to reply :slight_smile:

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I said so because i made the blog in advance

ah, happened with me multiple times during the competition :sweat:

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Any student can claim his or her last task before 21:00 (EAT) today and after that one can only work on the task claimed before the deadline. @nayan11404 Have you had a look at this thread. I would rather look around the dashboard and claim wisely, have you had a look at the task labelled Final Task on the DASHBOARD!

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Yes i have done that

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Are you able to progress without waiting mentors to increase the task instance! We just have less than less than 5 hours to cut off claimable tasks available

I am thinking that mentors may increase instances and i will submit and after that i will claim go 3

Am able to see you already claimed the same task, check on the dashboard and clarify

No i am talking about documentation on basic concepts of spring MVC in OpenMRS

Please @suthagar23 increase instances