Include gsp fragments in html forms


We have been facing problems in including the components created in UI commons module in the html forms. The current functionality of Ui Include is to just include the ui side of the component, but it doesn’t let us save the values selected as answer. We propose to create a new include fragment component using which we can reuse the ui commons components and save the values selected as observations.

Please let us know what the community thinks and we can get to work and push the changes.

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@sameermotwani11 could you paste a little snippet here of how this would work?

+1 to what @mksd said… would certainly be great to be able to include widgets from UI Commons for data entry of html forms, but, off the top of my head, this seems like it would be rather problematic/complexi to implement?

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We have been able to use the datepicker from the uicommons in the htmlforms.


We have tested it extensively for datetimepicker till now and have been able to store the dates as observations.

Pretty cool! I’m definitely interested in seeing the details and potentially incorporating them in when you are ready to share!

Take care, Mark

@sameermotwani11 Oh this is definitely very cool, looking forward to seeing how you approached this and playing with it too

@sameermotwani11 - did you do this using the “uiInclude” tag provided by the htmlformentryui module? Or another way?

@mukesh @prateektiwari I would let them take over this thread.

@mseaton We are not using “uiInclude” tag. We developed new tag ( “includeFragment”) .

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That sounds awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

@sameermotwani11 Can you share some sample code for the new includeFragment tag and how you are using it

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