In Patient Fee from Bed as well as Doctor Visit

Hi Guys,

I am not sure if in patient fee from Bed / Ward as well as Doctor Visit already included in the system. If it hasn’t can someone guide me how I can impement it ?

For example

I am admitted in hospital for 2 days. For each day the doctor visit me once. Thus the fee that I must be (excluding medicine)

2 days * USD 100 (bed fee) = 200 2 times * USD 50 (doctor visit fee) = 100 total = 300

Is it possible to achieve the above ? if yes how ?

Hi @abiieez, right now calculation and synch of IPD charges i.e for Bed is not automated in Bahmni. So far most of our current implementations don’t charge for IPD.

Do we log any kind of doctor visits in Bahmni ? How about number of days a patient stayed ? If we can get those information we don’t mind to calculate the payment manually.

Thank you.

Hi @abiieez, Bahmni ADT Dashboard shows all the patients Admission Details like Admission Date, Bed Assigned. Is that information enough for calculating manually. OpenERP side you can create Ward/Bed as a service product to creation quotation with them for patients.

All the data captured via Bahmni will have a date time associated i.e…, you can find out when the data is captured.

In your case data can be admission of a patient.

One way is what @swathivarkala pointed out Other Solutions to find out the number of days a patient is admitted in the hospital 1) Write a custom display control which will display the number of days based on the admission date of the patient.

Note: This involves development effort (knowledge of html and angularjs) Documentation:

2) Write a custom report which will display all the patients

Note : This involves writing sql to suffice the above mentioned requirement. Documentation:

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