in Bahmni is it possible to see which login user did the registration and the consultation?

Hi, i search and i dont see where to find which login user did the registration or the consultation? please if someone can help. Thank you.

Plz attach screenshots, that will help understand better. You want to see the name of the doctor who entered data, and the name of the registration person who registered the patient?

@jess hope this image helps.


here is the login user who did the consultation: Superman

Here i cannot see who registered the patient test

Note that in Bahmni, within the same visit, one can have multiple encounters, which means multiple doctors can see a patient in a single visit. Therefore, the data of which doctor saw a patient, in Bahmni, is not stored at Patient level, but is associated with Encounters (and Obs within the encounter).

Patient —> (multiple visits) → (multiple encounters) → (1 doctor per encounter) → multiple observations

That is why expecting to see a doctor name on top isn’t going to work.

What some implementations might do, is store a doctor as a Patient Attribute / Visit Attribute / Relationship as provider in Registration screen (Assign Doctor during registration), and then use the Patient Attribute value to display assigned doctor (even if data eventually is logged by different doctors).

See this:

@akhilmalhotra @soorya - How can we configure Doctor name dropdown in Registration screen? Create a FORM with an Assigned Doctor dropdown, and attach that to Visit?

Yes Gurpreet. We can create a concept called Doctor and add that into the Form using Form builder(implementer-interface). Then we can publish that form and add the form name in this path(/openmrs/apps/registration/extension.json) as below.

You can view this information in the Audit logs. Please refer to the attached screenshot. Is there a specific use case to view the registration person’s name in the clinical dashboards?

Thank you all for your help, i understand now it is more clear.

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