Improving performance of ConceptService.getConceptsByMapping

Hi @raff @ibacher ,

While trying to find APIs that take huge response time in Bahmni, I came across the diseaseSummaryData API, which is internally calling the ConceptService.getConceptsByMapping method, which is taking good amount of time to send response. More details on the API and detailed profiling reports can be found here.

On further searching in the openmrs-core repo, I came across this PR raised by @mseaton and merged back in the days to improve the performance of ConceptService.getConceptsByMapping but this change is not part of the 2.5.x branch.

Is there any way by which we could cherry-pick this PR and backport so that we could check the performance improvement?

Thanks in advance. cc: @angshuonline @mohant @binduak

I have back ported it to the 2.5.x branch: TRUNK-5557: Improve performance of ConceptService.getConceptsByMappin… · openmrs/openmrs-core@bcfcaf9 · GitHub