Improving email interaction in Discourse

Let’s discuss a running list of ways that Discourse (which powers OpenMRS Talk) can improve its email handling. Add your concerns and ideas here and we’ll try to work to get them implemented upstream. Here are some to get us started:

  • Forwarding a message in to a category’s incoming email address (and creating a new topic) may strip out the forwarded message that the sender wanted to share.
  • Discourse currently only supports one email address per user (which, with our use of SSO, is the primary email address in the OpenMRS ID profile) so only incoming posts from that address will be associated with the user. @burke and I will be working to clarify ASAP the steps to allow multiple email addresses per user (a bit complicated).
  • Attachment handling (creating a post with an attachment by attaching a file to an email) has been sketchy, so we need to validate this has in fact been improved now.

What others issues have you seen?