Import CIEL concept

Hi All,

I have installed the OpenMRS Standalone version 2.0.1 with Tomcat version 9 MySql version 5.7.

When i checked the table global_property we found that CIEL and Snowmedct concept were not available in the table.

How do we import the above concept.

Guide us.

Regards Santosh

Dear @destar, welcome to the OpenMRS community.

You can find information on getting and importing the CIEL dictionary here…

Since you are using the Standalone, you may not know your MySQL password to do a database import. To find the password, find the file. Look in the file for the setting connection.username=openmrs and connection.password=xxxx and the MySQL port in the connection.url, 3316 in this example… connection.url=jdbc:mysql:mxj://

You could also check out the OCL Module.

Hope this helps.

Hi arbaughj,

Thanks for your help! When we checked the above link, we found that it for openmrs lower version 1.9.x, 1.6.x and it is updated on the year of 2012.

If you can help for openmrs version 2.0.1 standalone.

Regards Santosh

Latest releases of CIEL for all OpenMRS versions are available in the dropbox.

@akanter I don’t see the latest release in Dropbox. The last date is Nov 30, 2016.


That is the latest release. We are do to release this weekend.