Implementing the overrall Architecture of Testing OpenMRS FHIR 2 Rest Resources

Hello friends.

Have been trying to come up with an End to End Testing for testing openMRS FHIR2 module Rest end points , We would initially start with Patient resource However this have to challenges to accomplish.

  1. Defining a Rest Client. Rest/HTTP client is to communicate with the fhir server(running openmrs instance) either dockerised or qa instance but with defined Rest end points forexample http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ws/fhir2/RA/

2.Then defining a server and its CRUD operations. Already we have such methods in fhir2 module .

Hey @ibacher. There is something that doesnt make sense to me when RestClient is not communicating to the running fhir server using this kind of approach

public void setup() {
		FhirContext context = FhirContext.forR4();
		client = context.newRestfulGenericClient("");
		client.registerInterceptor(new BasicAuthInterceptor("admin", "Admin123"));

i think we need the overall architectural diagram of how these classes communicate to each other. it would be lighter, Again, instead of using fhirContext from fhir , why not using * HttpClient. cc @ibacher @mozzy @pmanko

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