Implementer Interface Not Found

After installing the Virtual Box I would like to begin configuration which I assume happens through the dashboard - Implementer Interface unfortunately the link does not seem to work. I get:

The requested URL /implementer-interface was not found on this server

All othe links seem to work fine.

Can you advise?

I guess implementer-interface is not installed in your machine. If you want to install implementer-interface, then add the following line in /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml

implementer_interface: enabled

Rerun the bahmni install command

Thanks for the advice I will try. A bit surprised that having downloaded from the wiki links below that the implementer interface was disabled.,VirtualBoxandVagrantonyourcomputer

It is not packaged by default. One has to explicitly enable it

The implementer interface is only released for evaluation in previous release. That is why its disabled by default. The full working version will be out in the next release v0.89. This release will come in mid April.

I understand, but how do we then configuration locations, users etc ?

You can configure via openmrs. For instance, look at documentation for configuring users

See the implementation guide of Bahmni for how to configure Bahmni.

Apologies. I know OpenMRS a little and so once I realized/read that I needed an explicit URL rather than use the implementer link on the dashboard then all is fine.

Thank you for your help.