Implementer Interface (Form Builder) Not able to see obs forms on Form Builder dashboard

I am making forms using implementer interface (Form Builder Form 2.0) and i am not able to see all the forms on the dashboard (Implementer Interface --> Form Builder) that are made in implementer interface

On my dashboard i am not able to see the remaining obs forms while they are in my local.

So is their any limit to show forms list or i need to add any configuration for the dashboard.

Check “form” table in openmrs db and verify whether the forms are retired or not.

I am able to see only 50 forms on dashboard and in total i have 65 forms.

I have retired the forms that were not useful openmrs --> Administration --> Forms --> Manage Forms. and now i am able to see the remaining forms. But do we have any limit for forms…?

We don’t limit forms at all.

  1. Unless a form is published, it will not be listed in the “add observation form”.
  2. If you are editing and publishing a new version of a form, the older versions are retired (not deleted), and new record for “form” is created with a new version id. (unfortunate that openmrs forms table does not have a mechanism for saying what was the parent form, so we rely on name)