Implementer Interface ( Form Builder ) Mandatory and Dropdown dont work together.

I am making forms in implementer interface ( Form 2.0 ) and using in Bahmni Connect Android App

In Bahmni 0.90 i am adding a field and making it mandatory and dropdown together, then if the form is small (4 to 5 fields) the form responds slow and if the form is big (40 to 50 fields) it takes long time to responds or doesn’t responds.


Sometimes we also get this error while saving the form.

I am facing this issue only with mandatory and dropdown (together), remaining all conditions are working fine. If we don’t use mandatory and dropdown together then the form is working fine without any issue. Tested it on Demo and same error can be reproduced on Demo.

if we have only one field in our form with mandatory and dropdown conditions and that too our first field and we answer that first then their is no issue in form but if we dont answer that field first (we answer another field and the field with mandatory and dropdown together is left blank) and if their are two fields with mandatory and dropdown (together) in a form then the same issue will continue.

This issue can be seen only in Bahmni 0.90, in 0.89 this combination (mandatory and dropdown) works fine.

Can you work out an example in our QA ( instance? (I am hoping the QA db does not get reset)

Also how many options (coded answers)? Although I don’t think its relevant to the number, can you try with just a few (3 maybe) with mandatory and dropdown option?

I have made a form in implementer interface in ( named Demo Mandatory & Dropdown. Please fill that form and see the response time is very slow.

When i filled the field Tuberculosis, Treatment Plan the form started responding fast. But when Tuberculosis, Treatment Plan field is not answered the response time is very slow.

I have made one more form in implementer interface in ( named Demo2 Mandatory & Dropdown.

Here i have only one field (Nurse Name) with mandatory and dropdown with only 2 options (coded answers). Then also we can see the same issue. In this form we have more fields so it is taking a long time to respond and the same can be seen in Bahmni Connect PWA. We are using it in Android App and in App the form dont respond for a long time or sometimes the device hangs.

Hi @mayank3194, I could replicate this issue on both qa08 and qa04. Thanks for pointing it out. We will investigate this further. Could you please raise a Jira ticket for this and post the link here?

Hello @sruti , I have raised a Jira ticket for this and post the link is:

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