Implementation Questions

I have a few questions as I explore this product. I have the reference application running online, in a Docker container.

I hope it’s okay to put several questions together here, if it’s not I could separate them into individual topics.

  1. Although I can see there are some drugs listed in the concept dictionary, I don’t actually see a place in the patient visit to order medicine or any other kind of order for care outside of just writing a note. Is this in the reference application, or only as an add-on module? If the latter, can you suggest the best way to add this?
  2. Is the concept dictionary the place that I could prepopulate lists of drugs and diagnoses?
  3. I came across this page in the implementation guide on using the MVP CIEL Concept Dictionary. Could someone explain to me why I would want to use this dictionary?
  4. I am interested in using this software for three different mobile, rural clinics. Like repeated visits to the same three locations.
  5. Is “Login location” supposed to affect the user interface? It seems to just be a drop down to change login location, but the UI is the same so I’m not clear on how this data point is used.
  6. I ran into memory errors with my VPS with 1 GB of memory, and it seems to be working with 2G. From reading here it seems like Docker in a VPS doesn’t seem to be a very common deployment method. Anyone have any wisdom on that?

An addon module:


To take advantage of the experience in modelling concepts that has been gained over the years by the global community.

Good. :smile:

Is this of help?

Did you also get a chance to look at this?

Not the most common deployment method, but should work fine.