Image storage Problem using Oviyam

**Application Name:**OpenMSR, Oviyam, Dcm4chee Radiology module Version Number: Version: 1.9.7 Build 60bd9b

Question: I am facing problem in deployment. I have deployed Openmrs, dcm4chee module with Oviyam and DVTK modulator to store images. I create new patient in openmrs that is fetched as in worklist in dcm4chee, then same work list I fetched in DVTK, I select the image in dvtk and store it. status of the patient change from inprogress to completed properly. When Do this for first time image is stored properly and displayed in oviyam, openmrs and dcm4chee.

Problem: when I do this second time all goes correct but image is not shown by oviyam or openmrs or dcm4chee. and In dcm4chee Folder tab, where study is show. that patient is also not visible there. but visible in worklist with completed status.

PLEASE REPLY ME… waiting for your support.

Did you ask this same question on another thread?

@ivange94 just in case you have something to say here. :slight_smile:

Thank you, my issue is resolved.