I'm having a confusion in the task.

Hi I’m having confusion in the description of this task “https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/GCI-298?filter=-4

The title says " Environment setup for Android Client" Which environment are they talking about?

Hi @saadkhaleeq

Environment setup means, preparing your computer to run the Android Client project through Android Studio. You can start from the scratch about setting up the dependencies, and Android Studio installation to run the Android Client Project.

Thank you suthagar. I’ve another question. Why i get update from mentors late? :{

Every day, We need to review a bunch of tasks which were submitted by a lot of kids like you. We will be start reviewing those tasks in FIFO (First In First Out) basis according to the allocated time (Mentors are not allocated to this contest for full time). We allocated 3 or more days to each tasks for your good work and our mentor’s reviews. How ever, We can ensure that, your task will be reviewed within 48hrs of submission time.

Please be patient or help others until your task gets reviewed by a allocated mentor.